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Ocean Education Kiosk

Kiosk Photo

Our Ocean Education Kiosk project is patterned after a Water Education kiosk program by the San Diego County Water Authority. This highly successful program placed freestanding kiosks in schools and libraries in San Diego county to inform and teach water conservation. Each kiosk had interactives games, quizzes, and interpretive panels appropriate for multiple age groups.

Each kiosk will have a theme focusing on a specific issue affecting our oceans today.


Kiosk Interactives

Each of the four sides of the kiosk will have interpretive and interactive exhibit panels. In addition to the interpretive graphics and text, the panels will include internet connected content, video screens, interactive touchscreen presentations, and quizzes.

This interactive exhibit panel illustrates and explains the different part of a watershed. Additionally, it highlights some common sources of pollution that end up in the ocean.

Mouse over the text areas on the panel to see some of the details and interactions.

Theme: Don't Trash Your Ocean

Each kiosk will have a specific theme, such as ocean polution and climate change, but the overall theme is:
be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

By focusing on a single theme with specific "take-aways", hopefully, an impression can be made which can lead to action on the part of the visitor. Education by information.

While we have many names for various oceans, the reality is that we have one huge interconnected ocean that belongs to everybody.

Save Our Oceans : Save Ourselves